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Hobbyweld Rent Free Gas Cylinders

Hobbyweld Rent Free Gas Cylinders


Hobbyweld Rent Free Gas Cylinders!!!

HobbyWeld Original (Medium sized bottle in the picture)

  • Hobbyweld original bottles which have water capacity of 9L
  • Hobbyweld 5 Ideal for mig welding sheet and thing sections of mild steel under 5mm thick,
  • Hobbyweld 15 (15% Carbon dioxide content) to give the gas the capability of mig welding sheet between 5mm – 12mm,
  • Oxygen,
  • Acetylene for general welding, cutting and repair applications, the hottest and most efficient gas fuel on the market but is a smaller bottle of 5L (Smallest bottle in the picture)
  • carbon dioxide
  • Nitrogen
  • Argon suitable for all tig welding applications

HobbyWeld Ultra (Biggest bottle in the picture)

  • Hobbyweld Ultra Comes with a built in regulator
  • Hobbyweld ultra bottles have 20L water capacity
  • Hobbyweld 5 Ultra
  • Hobbywel 15 Ultra
  • Argon
  • Oxygen

There is a deposit on all the bottles but that is just a small one off payment then after that payment the bottles are completely rent free.To enquire call us on 01992 503553

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