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GYS Plasma Cutter 31FV

£750.00 (tax excl.)

Product Description

GYS Plasma Cutter 31FV

It has a solid and reinforced design while weighing only 12 kg, it is suitable for industrial use and a range of demanding environments allowing high quality cutting even on painted surfaces: Cuts up to 10 mm steel, stainless steel and cast iron.  Cuts up to 8 mm aluminum and copper. Very accurate, the CUTTER 31 FV enables you to cut 0.6mm metal sheets at low intensity without distortion.

No HF Start: With the Pilot Arc system, the arc starts without having any contact with the metallic sheet. Starting without HF avoids any electromagnetic interference (radio, computers, phones, medical equipment

Easy to use and simple to connect to a compressed air system Torch: 4 m with a safety trigger to avoid accidental start. IP23 (protected against rain / dust): ideal for outside work.

The latest generation of plasma 31FV is equipped with a PFC and Flexible Voltage With this technology, CUTTER 31FV works on either 110V(32A) or 230V(16A) or any voltage in the range of 85V-265V combined with the PFC the cutting performance is maintained even during intensive use on power generator and when run with long extension leads (up to 100m). The Plasma 31FV also has reinforced protection for use with generators and against overvoltage factory tested up to 400V.

GYS Plasma Cutter 31FV

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