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Lorch MicorStick

£309.99 - £1,325.00 (tax excl.)

Product Description


MicorStick Is the MMA Welder

MicorPower Is the battery pack

Backpack also for easy carrying the two together

Its low weight and robust case ensure that you will be able to finish your work with the MicorStick 160 in a fast and flexible manner for a long time.

The Lorch MicorStick 160 is always the tool of choice – whether you need to weld with basic, rutile, cellulose (CEL) or special electrodes with diameters of up to 4 mm. Better still, it provides long duty cycles, high power reserves and the possibility of TIG welding with ContacTIG ignition.

Thanks to the adaptive automatic Hotstart feature you can always count on perfect ignition.

Anti-Stick System
The Anti-Stick system prevents the electrode from sticking.

Arc-Force regulation
Arc-Force regulation supports the welding process with increased arc stability and optimised metal transfer.

Overvoltage protection
All machines included in Lorch’s MicorStick series offer 100% compatibility with the latest connection standard and can be operated without any restrictions on all public mains supplies. This ensures that you will not damage your welding machine if accidentally hooking it up to 400 V mains voltage.

Battery-powered welding machine
The Lorch MicorStick 160 is also available as an accu-ready variant. This model is prepared for battery-powered welding and allows you to use up to 28 electrodes (ø 2.5 mm) on a single battery charge when welding with the Lorch MobilePower 1 battery pack.

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